The Conference

Eurostat has been actively involved for many years in providing high quality remuneration statistics for administrative purposes, notably specific indicators of the evolution of national civil servant salaries, indices to measure the temporal movement of consumer prices, correction coefficients to adjust for differences in consumer price levels between duty stations around the world, and benchmarking of salary levels between international organisations.

Against this background, Eurostat launches the Conference on Remuneration Statistics, to be held in the European Convention Center in Kirchberg-Luxembourg. It will bring together high-level experts from the statistical community and important stakeholders: EU legislators, EU internal users, data partners, reference users, academics, recruitment consultants and will thus permit exchanges between various audiences with diverse degrees of awareness and know-how about remuneration statistics.

The conference will address a broad range of issues relating to remuneration statistics for policy implementation and development in international organisations. It will be focused on remuneration statistics for international organisations and it will represent an authoritative occasion for scientific analysis, training and sharing; a moment of efficient data explanation and comprehension; and it will be part of a democratic process serving citizens.

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